The link between exercise and productivity

Physical work and mental work require the same discipline.

Person Running Near Street Between Tall Trees

One study shows that workday exercise led to an increase in mood and a 72% increase in time management and work completed. 

This makes sense. Not only does exercise make you happier, but it helps train the same mindset you need to be productive. 

You see, the mental discipline and satisfaction that exercise requires is the same discipline that will help you dominate your work.  

The ancient saying: "The mind dictates the body," takes on new meaning. Working out teaches your body to work through pain, endure discipline, and face daily goals with the same stubborn determination.      

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your mind. If you take care of both, you become more productive. The discipline it requires to exercise regularly will place you in the right mental space to get work done. Your work is like exercise, it will be hard but you will feel better after you do it. Remember to always be improving.     

Give yourself a chance to succeed when you really want something and not be one those people that make excuses for everything. You owe it to yourself for being so disciplined with your health to be just as disciplined with your work.

Your success proves everyone who doubted you wrong and believes in you.

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